The Cat Lady

A horror adventure that's not for the faint of heart



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The Cat Lady is a horror graphic adventure from the creator of the equally terrifying adventure Downfall. In it, the player controls a woman in her early forties who, without friends or family, finds herself suicidal. Nevertheless, certain events will transpire to change this situation.

The game mechanics are faithful to classic graphic adventures, with simple controls and puzzles to put the player's intelligence to the test. You'll need to use your head if you want the protagonist to survive a string of events that will give you goosebumps.

The Cat Lady isn't for everyone. Not only are there scenes with a lot of gore and blood, but it also hits on some rather adult themes that might be too intense for a younger audience.

The graphics, while not particularly extraordinary, nevertheless have a unique style that goes well with the scary subject of the game.

The Cat Lady is an interesting horror graphic adventure game, a story of intrigue where the supernatural and the earthly combine to create a unique experience.

You can only play part of the game.

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